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Update Features Refreshed

Recently, several “real world” situations have caused the automatic program and propagation update features in Ergo to break. These issues have been resolved as follows.

Program Update is accomplished using ERGO4UPDATE.EXE. File versions older than no longer work because my web host now uses a more secure FTP port instead of port 21. This has been resolved with file version as of November 22, 2018. You have two choices to fix this situation.

  • Reinstall Ergo using the latest ergo4.zip file (also called demo program.) Make sure to retain your registration key file for the new installation. OR
  • Download the replacement ERGO4UPDATE.EXE from the Downloads page and copy it into your program folder.

Propagation Update is accomplished using ERGO4NET.EXE. File versions older than are no longer able to download the latest information from the Space Weather Prediction Center. This is the result of the recent SWPC switch away from HTTP to secure HTTPS download requirements. This problem is resolved in the latest ERGO4NET.EXE which is available using Program Update. Unfortunately, these secure downloads require your OS to be newer than Windows XP, which is no longer supported in any event.

Both of these updated program files are now included in the installation package in ergo4.zip as of November 22, 2018.