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ERGO 4 Demo

Sixty day fully-functional ERGO Demonstration Program. Complete Windows Installer for all versions since XP.
Please run Program Update after you install to get the latest files. (ZIP file updated November 22, 2018.)

Replacement Ergo4Update

If you installed Ergo before November 22, 2018 you will need to reinstall from the ZIP file, or just manually replace the ERGO4UPDATE.EXE file with version which is provided here. (Just extract from the archive and copy it into your Ergo program folder with Administrator rights.)

Quick Start Manual

For first time users. ERGO also contains a Quick Start Wizard that runs upon first time use. This Wizard guides you through setting up a first receiver, entering your location and other information.


A collection of ERGO Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Includes information on installing databases, as well as running ERGO on Linux or Mac OS.

HFCC Database

Shortwave HFCC broadcast database customized for ERGO.
Version A21 posted April 12, 2021

EIBI Database

Shortwave EIBI broadcast database customized for ERGO.
Version A21 posted April 12, 2021

ILGRadio Data

This Application Note explains how you can easily import ILGRadio Data into an ERGO database.


This Application Note explains how to import FMSCAN Data to create an ERGO database.

ERGO Data Manual

Information about how to create customized databases for use with ERGO. This document also explains how the ERGO data format works.

Printed Help File

Occasionally, some users have requested a printed manual. Here is a PDF file which contains the ERGO Help File (as of 2004). It is pretty thorough on the program description and “How to” sections, but does not contain information about radio drivers added since that time. This should only be used in conjunction with the FAQ and Data Manual.